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Student Checklist

  1. Research and decide which community college you wish to attend.
  2. Get and complete the following forms (available on the school website as well as in Student Services)
    1. The appropriate community college application (on the Community Colleges website)
    2. Get any other paperwork needed from the C.C. (i.e. a transcript, etc.)
  3. Schedule your time to take the placement test at the community college (CC).

  4. If you qualify for Running Start, review the classes you would like to take (i.e., online) and if you need any specific courses for the High School, see website for course equivalency chart. 
    The Quarterly Enrollment Verification Form is the form that allows you to register for CC classes.  You will need to complete a Quarterly Enrollment Verification Form EVERY QUARTER!  This form is available in the SWHS Counselor Office as well as on the school website.
    (Please have this form filled out completely before asking for your SWHS Counselor’s signature.)

  5. Make and attend your advising appointment with the college advisor.  The CC advisor will be able to help you with CC classes and registration and will help to answer any of your questions.

  6. Register for your classes at the CC.  Make sure you have plenty of alternative classes listed on the Quarterly Enrollment Form, in case you cannot get into your first-choice class(es).

  7. If you drop a class after the quarter has started, check with your counselor and complete the official Add/Drop paperwork at the CC.

IMPORTANT:  When you need your Quarterly Enrollment Form signed, make an appointment with your counselor in advance.  Please do not come to see your counselor without an appointment.  Your counselor wants to have time to consider your plans and graduation requirements with you.

Running Start Forms

Student Athletes also have to have this form filled out to play a High School sport while attending Running Start ( to be filled out and turned into the school Athletic Director):