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Paying for College



2020 ~ 2021 Financial Aid Info & Filing Event Dates 
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Paying for College Brochure

Excellent source of information about gift grants and students loans, how to apply, specific details about kinds of loans, etc.

Financial Aid Factsheet from


College Preparation Checklist ( - Geared toward students who are considering college. Explains how to prepare academically and financially for college through "to do" lists aimed at elementary and secondary school students and their parents, as well as adult students. Simply worded information about federal aid, what to do at FAFSA filing time, and looking for scholarships.

FAFSA4caster - For those families with students in grades 11 and under, the FAFSA4caster is an online tool to help students and families prepare financially for college before officially applying for federal student aid.  Receive early estimates and establish college savings strategies.  Access for FAFSA4caster:

FAFSA Filing Options - Students are encouraged to apply for federal student aid using FAFSA on the Web. The online application is going to be significantly simpler in 2010-11, so students are strongly urged to fill out the application at The PDF version of the FAFSA form is still available for students who are unable to complete FAFSA on the Web. To print out a paper copy students can visit, click on "FAFSA Filing Options," and submit it by postal mail. Students without access to the Internet may ask the financial aid office at their chosen college whether the school can submit the FAFSA on their behalf; or they may request a paper FAFSA from 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243). - For students who are unsure whether college is for them, they can visit This simply worded, engaging Web site provides information about applying to, attending, and graduating from college. It features first-person accounts of students who overcame challenges such as peer pressure, lack of family support, and financial barriers.

Here are some other helpful websites:

Guaranteed Education Tuition:  Save for future while securing current tuition rates.

Western Undergraduate Exchange: 
This program is for students desiring to enroll in participating out-of-state colleges at a reduced tuition level. 
For more information visit:

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There are six 4-year public colleges and universities in Washington: