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Code of Conduct

Support Falcons Nest

The Member Schools of the Emerald Sound Conference Welcome You to This Contest And ask that you uphold the following expectations (Code of Conduct)

Spectator Expectations and Acceptable Behaviors

  • Act RESPONSIBLY, display RESPECT, and show your FALCON PRIDE!!!
  • Applaud both teams during player introductions
  • Take part in cheers and applaud good performances
  • Support your team with positive cheers
  • Applaud at the end of the contest regardless of the outcome
  • Accept decisions of contest officials
  • Refrain from negative comments about officials, coaches or players
  • Show respect for public property and equipment
  • Treat opposing fans with respect and sportsmanship
  • Encourage surrounding fans to display only sportsmanlike conduct
  • Enjoy the contest, win or lose
  • Please report problems to the Athletic Director Paul Lagerstedt Spectator

Unacceptable Behaviors

  • Using profanity or making derogatory comments of any kind, directed at any individual or group
  • Using artificial noise makers
  • Booing/heckling at officials decision
  • Blaming the loss on an official, coach or participant
  • Yelling or making gestures/comments that antagonize opponents
  • Yelling, waving arms or attempting to distract players during game plays or free throw attempt
  • Detracting from and drawing attention to yourself or a group rather than supporting the athletic contest
  • Refusing to follow directions of game management (Actions that are contrary to good sportsmanship and conduct will result in management intervention. You will be expected to correct your behavior or leave the premises. Repeat offenses may result in the loss of the right to attend future events)

Cheer on your Falcons! Wear your Blue & White!