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South Whidbey Academy Grades 10-12

South Whidbey Academy Director 10-12

Charlie Davies
360.221.6808, ext. 5300

Why South Whidbey Academy?

South Whidbey Academy (SWA) is an opportunity for some, a second chance for others and a family for many.

South Whidbey Academy is an opportunity for some students who feel the need for something more than the traditional school setting.  An opportunity to have a more personalized experience with supportive staff and smaller classes. An opportunity to connect with classmates and teachers.  

For some, South Whidbey Academy is a second chance. A chance to reengage in school and create a possibility for graduation after falling behind in classes and graduation requirements.  For some, it’s a second chance to connect to something positive, a chance to refocus, take stock in themselves and make a plan for the future.

For many, South Whidbey Academy is a family. It’s a place where people are valued, respected and cared for. It is small. Everybody is relevant and cared for. It’s a place where we value honest effort and communication. It’s a place where we care for each other.

The mission of the South Whidbey Academy’s 10th – 12th grade program is to encourage and enable our students to be ready and capable to meet the challenges of life in school and beyond.

We offer a high school program with common goals that include:

  • development of a more supportive classroom environment
  • reducing the student / teacher ratio
  • enhanced school / parent communication
  • creating opportunities to meet students where they are at regarding their educational needs

In addition to SWA classes, SWA students also participate in courses South Whidbey High School.  This blended model helps prepare our students for the rigor and responsibility of school and life success.

South Whidbey Academy Director, Charlie Davies, provides oversight on student progress, supports communication between staff and parents and serves as a key advocate for students related to all school matters. SWA also has a dedicated administrative assistant who supports the program and students needs and serves as an important presence within the program. 

SWA has a variety of important community partnerships, such as with the Readiness to Learn Foundation and a variety of Island County Departments and programs. These partnerships provide critical support for our students’ social emotional, and post school needs. 

SWA also participates in a variety of community based learning experiences, including multiple culturally and career based field trips, Sno Isle Skills Center, ASB representation in the larger school and worked based learning experiences.   All of these opportunities help connect our students with the school and larger community enabling them to see the difference their contributions and engagements truly make. SWA students have actively engaged in the school district’s focus on building unity, equity and enhancing respect for diversity. 

We believe that large component to fostering for our students success is showing up, trying hard and communicating effectively. Our team of committed teachers and partners support our students in these approaches on a consistent and ongoing basis.

As we continue to innovate, build and expand our programs, we invite community members, students and staff to contribute to and engage in this exciting learning venture. Thank you for your ongoing support on behalf of our SWA students and staff!

Charlie Davies,

South Whidbey Academy Director