Career & Tech Education

Career & Tech Education Director

John Patton

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Gabrielle Bitts

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221-4300 x 5411

The CTE department is now in the SWHS library.

"Out of the top 15 fastest growing jobs for 2006-2016, 10 do not require a college degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics"

"Technical positions are very specific, and because what you're doing is so specialized, you don't need to have gone to a four-year school," said Colarusso, who added that technical training schools that offer certifications in technological skills are a great place to get a start without enrolling full-time as a student at a university.

What do you get out of CTE?

  1. Provides motivation: Engages imagination with learning that is fun and relevant.
  2. Allows career exploration: Helps teens plan their careers and preview professions before graduation.
  3. Connects them to the outside world: Hands-on internships and CTE courses provide valuable work-related experience.
  4. Helps pay for college: A well-rounded high school education that includes CTE can make your teen more attractive to scholarship committees and admissions offices.
  5. Jump starts further education with Tech Prep Credit: Receive both high school and college credit at the same time, without you having to pay tuition!
  6. Develops employability skills: Encourages teamwork, problem solving, communication, and project management...skills needed in every career!
  7. Career Pathways: Help students identify direct relationships between high school courses and post secondary plans.
    • Arts & Communication
    • Engineering & Technology
    • Science & Natural Resources
    • Health & Human Services
    • Business & Marketing

We are very proud of our Career & Technical Education programs at SWHS. It has been our goal in CTE to provide applied learning academic opportunities for students in a variety of occupational specific arenas. The breadth of our department includes technical, industrial, business and human service skill training supported by student leadership development activities. We hope that student experiences in CTE will provide rigor & relevance for Post-Secondary options.

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